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Laker / Lutz News: Dairy Queen Expands Across Florida
A new location in the Ballantrae Village Shoppes is expected to open this month.

A new DQ Grill & Chill® is planned to open by mid-March in the Ballantrae Village Shoppes. 

“We think we’re in a great spot,” said International Dairy Queen, Inc. franchisee Carlos Saenz. “Three years ago, this area was probably a five or six (on a scale of 10). I think we’re at a nine or 10, with the amount of homes and traffic.”

When Saenz researched restaurant franchises, he zeroed in on Dairy Queen® for a personal reason, he told the Laker / Lutz News. He grew up in Puerto Rico, but as a middle school student moved to Kissimmee, Florida and his first fast-food meal was at a Dairy Queen.

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