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Cornwall Standard-Freeholder: Dairy Queen® Identifies Ontario, Canada as Key Market for Growth
The brand is specifically eyeing the Cornwall area for future DQ Grill & Chill® locations.

Dairy Queen® is continuing to expand its DQ Grill & Chill® model throughout Ontario, and according to a recent story in the Cornwall Standard-Freeholder, another Cornwall location could be upcoming.

The Standard-Freeholder spoke with director of franchise development Chris Falle, who mentioned that the brand has been eyeing Cornwall for further development.

Said Falle, “Cornwall is an area we have explored. We have been working with the existing franchisee in the market, Nolan Quinn.

The article went on to discuss the success the brand has seen in the area, and focuses on the plans for growth specifically in Ontario.

Said Falle to the Standard-Freeholder, “We have had a lot of success specifically in Western Canada and Eastern Canada through the Maritimes and now it’s our focus to revive the brand in the Ontario market.”

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