Record-Breaking Multi-Unit Franchisee is Growing Dairy Queen's Time-Tested Model in Texas

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Record-Breaking Multi-Unit Franchisee is Growing Dairy Queen's Time-Tested Model in Texas
Record-Breaking Multi-Unit Franchisee is Growing Dairy Queen's Time-Tested Model in Texas
The Alberts have brought seven Dairy Queen restaurants to Central Texas, and the family has even more in the works.

Cary Albert is a serial franchisee.

Well-known throughout the entire franchise system, Albert and his wife, Jackie, operate a total of seven Dairy Queen® locations across much of the Dallas/Fort Worth and Central Texas area—and there are more units in the works for 2016 and beyond.
After serving four years in the United States Air Force after high school, Cary took a position with Honeywell Test Instruments Division in Dallas. Four years later, in 1993, he formed his own electronics test and measurement company called Measurement Assurance Technology, LP. Today, his company employs 20 highly-skilled individuals in the high-tech industry.
But somewhere in the middle of that successful venture, Cary and his wife wanted to add even more. The husband and wife duo turned to franchising with a specialty sandwich franchise—an up-and-coming regional brand that Cary and Jackie saw immense potential in. They opened their first store, and rather than juggling long shifts between separate jobs, Jackie decided to leave behind a career in nursing to become a full-time restaurateur. The decision paid off. Ever since, she’s worked amongst their stores every day, and today, both Albert and Jackie have come to understand the importance of true hands-on ownership.
By 2012, the Alberts decided to add the Dairy Queen brand to their portfolio by executing a 15-store multi-trade area agreement. When the Alberts opened a location in Lewisville, Texas in 2013, they broke three Dairy Queen records—highest sales on opening day; highest volume hour on opening day; and the highest sales in the first seven days of operation. The Alberts credit that initial success to their simple approach to business—always put people first.
“Across all of our restaurants, the customer service aspect is what we push and promote,” Cary said. “We try to make the customer feel like we’re family—that’s long been our profile.”
With an eighth and ninth store in the pipeline, Cary believes that the Dairy Queen system is a time-tested model that generations both young and old know and love. For that reason, he believes his development options for the brand are limitless.
“The Dairy Queen system is truly a legacy brand. Families have grown up with this brand. Whether it’s where you took your kid’s Little League team to after winning a game or where you celebrate the last day of school, everyone has a story about a visit to their local Dairy Queen store,” Cary said. “Bringing this brand to Central Texas has been a rewarding experience so far. I love employing people and contributing to their families. There’s a drive in all of us to help our fellow man, and we’ve changed people’s lives, which is very important to us.”
The business has also brought the Albert family together, too. All three of the Cary’s children have worked in their restaurants.
“We really hope we’ve impacted the lives of each of the communities we’ve served,” Cary said. “Nobody walks out of a Dairy Queen location without a smile on their face.”
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