Warren Buffet Loves Dairy Queen—Here’s Why

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Warren Buffet Loves Dairy Queen—Here’s Why
Warren Buffet Loves Dairy Queen—Here’s Why
When people talk about Warren Buffet, they always mention Dairy Queen. John Gainor, the CEO of Dairy Queen, spoke with Fox Business to explain where Buffet’s love for ice cream started.

While attending the Berkshire Hathaway Annual meeting last week, Dairy Queen CEO John Gainor spoke with Fox Business News about Warren Buffet’s history with the iconic dessert brand, Dairy Queen’s new ice cream menu and the issue of minimum wage.

“As we all know, Warren likes to buy iconic brands. Dairy Queen is 76-years-old, and Warren always tells this story of when he was young—he took a young lady to Dairy Queen, and the two of them had a great experience. At that moment, he said, ‘If I ever had the opportunity, I would buy this business,’” Gainor said. “So in 1998, he did.”

Gainor also discussed the push for a higher minimum wage.

“I’ve always said that people need to make a fair wage. But I think over the coming years, as various states debate over whether or not they’ll raise the minimum wage, it’ll become an issue that our operators need to work through on a local basis.”