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Tempe-Chandler Wrangler News: Dairy Queen to Expand Across Arizona
Consumers in the state have a strong connection to the leading brand.

Good news is in store for the many longtime local fans of Dairy Queen® in Tempe-Chandler, as the brand has zeroed in on the area for growth. 

According to the Tempe-Chandler Wrangler News, the connection that locals feel to the brand as well as the success of its current presence in the market has inspired this expansion. The frozen treats have longtime provided a refreshing break during hot Arizona days, which has only grown with the development of the DQ Grill & Chill® Model. 

Dairy Queen has been around 76 years. People, myself included, remember riding their bikes to DQ® to get a treat,"  International Dairy Queen, Inc. Vice President of Franchise Sales and Development Mike Mettler told the Tempe-Chandler Wrangler News. “We keep coming up with innovations,” Mettler added.

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